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How does ECG work?

1. Businesses produce a Common Good Balance Sheet

Using the Common Good Matrix, results show a company’s contribution to the Common Good. It becomes clear how fair, sustainable and transparent they are.

2. Products receive an ECG label with the Common Good score

This allows customers to make truly informed decisions about the products and services they buy and consume.

3. Economic policies provide ECG businesses with advantages

Through taxation and incentives, ECG businesses become price competitive and are more successfull in the market.

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Within Your Organization

  • 360° Sustainability Management

  • Improving Relationships

  • Motivation at the Workplace

  • Innovation Impetus

  • Meet EU’s non-financial information reporting requirements

In the Marketplace

  • Attractiveness

  • Distinctiveness

  • Visibility

  • Cooperation

  • Network

Within Society

  • Common Values

  • Quality of Life

  • Preservation of Nature and Environment

  • Fair and Sustainable Products and Services

Common Good Matrix slider

The Common Good Matrix is a model for the organizational development and evaluation of entrepreneurial as well as charitable activities. It assesses and scores the contribution to the common good. The values shown in the columns are those which promote successful relationships and a good life. The rows reflect the five stakeholder groups which an organization has most contact with. In the intersections between the values and the stakeholder groups, 20 common good themes describe and evaluate an organization’s contribution to the common good.

Watch or click through this animation to learn more.

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ECG Companies around the World

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Voices from Politicians

If you are a politician and you want to support the ECG, please, send an email to politics@ecogood.org.